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Intro/My Persona (6 of 10)
« on: January 31, 2020, 06:44:30 am »
Welcome to my newest forum.

This one is based on Star Trek.  I'm a Trekkie, always have been.  I wanted to create a forum where Trekkies can join, create their Star Trek persona/life & chat about all things Trek.

For my 'About Me' simply visit:

My Star Trek persona/life is:
Name: 6 of 10
Klingon Human hybrid (Klingon forehead ridges with a grade 1 all over hairstyle - NOT the typical Klingon hairstyle)
Security Ensign with Starfleet
Assimilated by Borg on my first official mission
Borg drone for 23 years
Lone survivor of a crashed Borg sphere
A former crew mate & crew were on same planet at the time on a separate mission
They rescued me & restored my rank of Ensign in Security
I heard about Starship-Hive, where it is crewed, mostly by former Borg drones who are reclaiming their humanity
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